Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two week nappy countdown!

We wanted to let you all know that the nappies are on their way and will arrive on our doorstep in two weeks time! Wholesale order forms went out to our retailers yesterday - we will be announcing who they are in the next week or so. We will also be releasing our new prints at the same time. We hope you are all as excited as we are?!

In between organising nappy shipments from New Zealand and trying to organise our one bedroom rental apartment into some sort of organised office space for the nappies to go, I've been browsing Etsy today and look what I found! How cute is this doorstop by tigesandweince?

I can't wait for the renovations on our house to be finished so that I can set up my study properly and get organised- I hate being disorganised!! We are getting there.....

Natalie x

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