Friday, May 25, 2012

Stride Rite Robeez Booties Giveaway!

Yay!  It's time for a lovely giveaway courtesy of our friends at Stride Rite Australia.

To enter the draw to WIN a pair of these Robeez soft soled booties, simply complete the tasks below and then return here and report that you have done so by commenting on our blog!

1)  Head on over to the Stride Rite Facebook page here and LIKE the page!

2)  Tell us in a comment below this post, in 20 words or less, WHY you would like to win the booties

You will then be entered into the draw!  Winner will be chosen on Wednesday 30th May and announced here on our blog.  Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help! My nappies are leaking!

Haven't we all been there before?  You have just put a nice new nappy on bubs only to find that it wicks / leaks a short time later...

We have every confidence in our nappies and although they won't be a perfect fit on every single baby, they will work brilliantly on most babies when used correctly.

Our nappies are designed to last between 2-4 hours - if you have a particularly heavy wetter, it will probably be closer to 2 hours.  If you have a light wetter, 4 hours or more.  We don't recommend leaving a nappy on baby more than four hours at a time as wet nappies against the skin can cause nasty nappy rash and irritation.

1)  If you find that you are having leaking / wicking issues with our nappies, 99% of the time, the suggestions below will sort the problem and have baby leak free in no time!  When you first receive the nappies, pop them in the washing machine, along with the inserts on a 60 degree wash.  Repeat this 2-3 times.  Once completed, throw all nappies and inserts in the dryer together on HOT for 30 minutes only.  This drying process is not recommended as a regular routine, however the hot dryer will seal any needle holes in the PUL from the factory that urine may seep through in the early days.

2)  When putting the nappy on bub, make sure that you have the front of the nappy on the right size setting.  There are three sizes to choose from.  Snap the nappy right down at the front for smaller babies and move your way up through the sizes as baby grows.  The nappy needs to be firm around the tummy and legs so that you can run a finger around the elastic, but not too tight.  For a baby on the smallest size setting, you may only need to use the smallest insert.  For a larger baby, you will need both inserts.  You will know when you need to start using both inserts because the nappy will start to soak through the one insert and it will be very full when you change baby.  When you reach this stage, it is time to use both inserts.  To use both inserts, simply fold the larger insert over so that it becomes the same size as the smaller insert.  Pop both inserts into the pocket opening of the nappy, with the folded end of the inserts down at the front of the nappy.  Then fasten to baby firmly.

3)  If you are having leaking issues with both inserts and the inserts are not completely soaked through when you change baby, you can try putting the inserts on top of the pocket opening, against baby, which will minimise urine running along the insert and out the legs, which could be happening on a crawling baby.  Also make sure that the legs are firm and not loose.

4)  Take a look at your washing routine - are you soaking the nappies?  This is a big no-no.  There is no need to soak our nappies - simply rinse any solids off them and pop them in a dry pail waiting to be washed.  Washing powder - we recommend Rockin Green (which is stocked in our online store) or eco store powder from the supermarket.  Both are great and you only need to use a couple of tablespoons with your nappies.  We recommend a washing temperature of 60 degrees max, which will kill the nasties in the nappies and give them a good wash.  Most people find that they can line dry the nappies easily as the outers are very quick drying.  If you live in a colder climate, the inserts are fine to pop in a warm dryer.

5)  Do your nappies need a strip wash?  They may need to be stripped back if they are retaining smells, leaking or just haven't ever had a strip wash.  To do this, simply pop all nappies and inserts in your washing machine with NO detergent and run them through a 60 degree wash.  Pop a teaspoon or squirt of normal dishwashing detergent in the powder dispenser of the machine and run them through another 60 degree wash.  Keep doing a rinse after the wash is complete until the water runs clear and you can't see any more bubbles in the water.  Dry as normal.

6)  Are you using barrier creams?  If you are using barrier creams without a liner on the nappy, this will cause them to leak and will also void the warranty on the nappies.  Don't panic if you have been using the cream without a liner - simply do a strip wash as above and be careful to use a liner in future.  These are also available on our website.

We have every confidence that if you follow the steps above, you will have no issues with our nappies and have many leak free happy days!