Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Zealand Nappy News!

Hey everyone!

I know that many of you have been patiently waiting for an update on our first shipment of nappies coming from New Zealand.  There have been some delays in the process - just usual things - which means that the nappies are now due to arrive on my doorstep on the 25th May.  There will be plenty of nappies to go around and we are hoping that they sell quickly so that we can put in an order for our second shipment!  I think I'm more addicted to fabrics than anything....

We will be selling the nappies on our website, as well as through certain stockists.  At this stage, we have a number of stockists lined up in Australia, a couple of potential stockists in New Zealand and one in the UK.

As well as nappies & bamboo inserts, we will be stocking wetbags, biodegradable liners, merino wool shorties & longies and Rockin Green laundry powder.  We are also in the process of testing our night nappies which will be on their way shortly, after we have satisfied testing requirements.  Exciting times ahead at Designer Bums!!

We will be giving everyone plenty of notice before the nappies arrive so stay tuned to Facebook for updates.  Please also subscribe to the newsletter on our website to be kept in the loop via newsletters.

Have a great week!

Natalie x

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