Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing..... NURTURE NAPPIES!

We are thrilled to introduce yet another wonderful retailer!  Welcome onboard Jayne and the team at Nurture Nappies!

Nurture Nappies is a specialist in modern + organic reusable nappies. We are an Australian family owned company whose inspiration is to re-educate and to make changing nappies simple and fuss free. Choose from a comprehensive range of modern and organic nappies made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and high performance fibres. 
There is a revolution in the world of nappies..ditch throwayism and join us!

A leading Australian advocate of re-useable nappies is Jayne Miller and her company The Nurtured Child. Jayne's business Nurture Nappies is leading the revolution, retailing a huge range of both Australian and imported re-useable nappies sourced from both larger commercial manufacturers and mumpreneurs!

Please pop on over to their website or FB page to say hello!  Welcome to the DB family guys!

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  1. Warning, do not do business with nurture nappies!!!!!! They will take your money and deliver nothing. Just google their name and you will find endless reviews saying the same thing.