Monday, October 18, 2010

New Price Structure

After much deliberation and helpful feedback from our customers, we have decided to alter our pricing structure at Designer Bums.

From now on, all nappies will be $25 each.

This price is for the nappy alone without an insert pack.  If you would like to purchase an insert pack, these will be $9.95 and available to purchase separately.  Our inserts packs come with 2 inserts, both made with 3 layers each of super thirsty 430gsm bamboo.  Our nappies will perform best when teamed with our inserts so we recommend purchasing these along with your nappies.

I will be 'testing out' this new pricing structure on Wednesday evening (8:30pm 20th October) by releasing a number of nappies for sale through my facebook page...
Inserts will also be available.

I am also working on a number of custom orders, along with Mathilda's market stock so there will only be a very limited number of nappies available.  Make sure you are ready and waiting.

Postage will be $7.50 FLAT RATE for all orders on Wednesday evening.

I will post the guidelines on Wednesday and may tempt you all with some photos before then!

Natalie x


  1. Sounds like a fabulous pricing plan to me..!
    Will there be discounts with 6 & 12 packs?! Just curious :)

  2. Hi Samantha! There will certainly be discounts with 6 & 12 packs - at the moment I'm offering free postage when 6 or more nappies are purchased in one transaction :) Thanks, Natalie